2024 Hiking Log

2024 Hiking Log

This 2024 Hiking Log will be updated every week after I complete a hike to track the trail, the mileage, and all of the hikes I will do this year.

January 3, 2024Rockfish Valley River Loop1.7 miles
January 5, 2024Section of the Rivanna Trail 2.8 miles
January 7, 2024Walnut Creek Park2.6 miles
January 25, 2024Walnut Creek Park2.6 miles
January 26, 2024Walnut Creek Park3.2 miles
February 4, 2024 Turk Mountain Trail2.4 miles
February 16, 2024Sugar Hollow to Big Branch Falls 4.20 miles
February 18, 2024Saddleback Mountain6.02 miles
February 20, 2024Walnut Creek Park4.56 miles
February 25, 2024Cole Mountain6.10 miles
February 27, 2024Hartman Orchard and Mountain Loop2.83 miles
March 5, 2024Walnut Creek Park1.78 miles
March 7, 2024Walnut Creek Park2.9 miles
March 12, 2024Bear Den Mountain7.7 miles
March 16, 2024Hightop via Appalachian Trail 3.62 miles
March 29, 2024Walnut Creek Park 4.18 miles
March 31, 2024White Rock Falls Loop4.43 miles
April 4, 2024 Old Rag Mountain Loop9.39 miles
April 6, 2024Walnut Creek Park4.06 miles
April 8, 2024 Walnut Creek Park 2.52 miles
April 13, 2024 Bear Creek State Park 6.38 miles

German by birth, living, hiking, and camping in the US. Addicted to Coffee. Enjoys going to concerts. Also, Artist + Author. I love to encourage you to explore beyond your backyard. 

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