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Dobie Mountain Trail Hike

Dobie Mountain Trail via the Appalachian Trail won’t have much parking on a holiday or the weekend as the parking lot is often filled with people who hike up to the Humpback Rocks Summit, so be prepare to go early.

Trail Overview and Access

This 6.2-mile hike includes an overlook, a great AT overnight hut, and plane wreckage. It’s located right off the Blue Ridge Parkway and there are several trailheads with a kiosk and information.

Due to the parking challenge, you can park at the visitor center walk across the farm, and check out the historical buildings still in place.

The farm has several buildings to explore including the cabin, chicken coup, root cellar, barn, “bear proof” pigpen, and spring house. This farm depicts life in Appalachia during the 1890s.

Trail Experience

I am not a big fan of trails that are an in + out as I prefer to hike trails that are a loop, something about backtracking that just annoys me a bit. But before heading down the Appalachian Trail, you come to Glass Hollow Overlook and I decided to check it out. There wasn’t much to see as everything was quite green and lush – but I imagine in the fall this would look pretty epic.

Heading back to the main trail, you go along the Appalachian Trail and get to a stream and if you go just a bit further you come across a camp shelter and an outhouse which is quite convenient if you need to go to the bathroom.

Here you had to turn around and hike back to the trail. You can avoid doing that if you want to but because I am going for mileage it was a nice way to add that.

Once you are back of the in-and-out section, you’ll get on the Albright Trail, which is just a hike in the woods. There is also a point of interest along this trail (keep an eye out!); it is the remains of an old airplane wreck (1963) on the west slope of Dobie Mountain. It can be seen from the trail but most would not notice unless they are looking for it. It can be reached by a short uphill climb on an unmarked footpath.

I did not seek out the wreckage but I added this to a possible list of things to check out at a later date.

The entire trail is about 6.3 miles and is well-marked and well worth it as parts of it are quiet if you’re going for solitude.

I enjoyed this trail and look forward to doing this again. Did you go on this trail? What was your experience?

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      Eva Goulette

      What a beautiful hike. Thank you for sharing the photos and details.

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